Pediatric Dentist in Monticello, IN 

Making your child’s dental care easy, fun, and happy!

Allow us to give your child something to last a lifetime…A joyful dental experience that goes way beyond treasure chests and applause for good behavior.

Positive | Fun | Memorable

Your child won’t have to do a single thing they don’t want to!

“We want children to love coming to the dentist. The kids in our practice ask to stop to see us if they are driving by the office. They feel like we care about them, and that the dentist office is a fun place to be. It starts with Happy Visits and leads eventually to a lifetime of comfortable, happy visits to their dentist.” – Dr. Rick

We know that every time a child comes through our doors, we have a chance to teach them what it will be like to go to the dentist.


We welcome your little one with open arms and show them around the office.

We offer him or her a treat or a drink from the beverage station.

We let them stick their fingers in the fountain, and listen to the trickling water.

We make you and your child feel at home.

If your child seems comfortable, we will ask, “Can we count your teeth?” or “Let’s practice opening your mouth for Dr. Rick.” If they don’t feel like it, we let it go for another day. There might be five “Happy Visits” before a child feels cooperative. But we only want to proceed when we know they’ll be agreeable and safe.

“Vickie is a master with the young ones, she gets on their level and makes it fun. She gives them bibs and hats and a treasure chest for the end of the visit.” – Carroll Robertson

We work hard to make a child’s trip to the dentist easy, whether it is his or her her first or tenth.

We want it to be terrific!