Sleep Apnea & TMJ Treatment

If you are dealing with sleep apnea or TMJ, it is likely that your quality of life has been compromised. These disorders do more than just disrupt your sleeping patterns; they can also negatively impact your overall physical well-being.

Travel Easy

Travel easier without having to carry a CPAP machine around!

No More Pain

Stop dealing with unnecessary jaw pain due to TMJ!

Sleep Well

Wake up feeling rejuvenated every day because you’re getting the sleep you deserve!

Stop Living Uncomfortably and Without Proper Sleep!

Are you constantly feeling tired, even after a full night of rest? Have people pointed out that you snore loudly, grind your teeth during sleep, or you make popping sounds when you chew? Do you find yourself grappling with issues like sleep disturbances, acid reflux, hypertension, or Type 2 Diabetes? Is your life also marked by feelings of anxiety and depression?

If any of these scenarios sound familiar, there is a chance that you might be unknowingly suffering from sleep apnea or TMJ. These serious disorders could be the root cause of these varied health challenges.

Neglecting to address and treat sleep apnea or TMJ can lead not just to perpetual fatigue, but it can also take a toll on your overall health and may even shorten your lifespan.


Get The Rest and Relaxation You Deserve!

At our practice, we provide multiple solutions for managing your sleep apnea and TMJ, ensuring that you can explore many different options. Under the expert guidance of Dr. Rick, you may be advised to consider:

A tailor-made oral device, designed for nighttime use, to maintain an open airway as you sleep and stop grindin;
Laser treatments to help relieve your jaw pain and enhance your breathing
Our wellness initiative which targets weight-related issues that could be causing your sleep apnea
Dr. Rick is committed to providing his patients with the latest advancements in patient care, a dedication reflected in his recognition as a Qualified Dentist in Monticello. With his expertise, you are in excellent hands as you navigate through your sleep apnea or TMJ treatment journey.


Improve Your Quality of Life in Three Easy Steps!

Attentiveness to the signs of sleep apnea and TMJ are crucial for preserving both oral wellness and general health.

These disorders can affect individuals of all ages; however, the likelihood of developing it escalates significantly with age. Recognizing and addressing symptoms promptly is essential.

During your appointment, Dr. Rick will conduct a thorough screening for sleep apnea and TMJ. Following a diagnosis, he will guide you toward the most effective treatment to rejuvenate your sleep and safeguard your well-being.

Step 1. Call

Call our office to schedule an initial consultation with us. We will be able to discuss how we can best help.

Step 2. Relax

Dr. Rick and our team will create a personal approach to your treatment.

Step 3. Smile

You’ll finally have the lasting and rejuvenating sleep every night that you’ve always been dreaming of.

Top Sleep Apnea & TMJ Treatment in Monticello

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