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While missing a tooth may put a damper on your looks, some may not realize it can also impact their health. This is due to the fact that healthy teeth play a crucial role in the body. For example, when an individual is missing a tooth, the jawbone begins a process of deterioration. This impacts confidence levels, as well as what an individual can and cannot eat. When a person’s diet is impacted, this may further affect their health. However, dental implants are a great solution to this issue. They feel, function, and look just like natural teeth. They are an ideal replacement method, and no one will be the wiser.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants provide a great solution to many individuals who may be missing teeth for various reasons. They consist of titanium, and a completed implant has three pieces to it:

  1. There is the implant itself, which is where a titanium screw is put into the jawbone.
  2. There is the abutment, which connects the implant to the crown.
  3. The crown, which is the visible part of the implant that looks like a natural tooth, is put on.

The implant and the abutment will be attended to by one of our friendly doctors. However, the crown will be completed by the dentist you see regularly.

The Importance of Timing with Implants

The jawbone acts much like a muscle because it needs to be stimulated regularly to keep its volume. When a tooth is missing (either by extraction or falling out), the jawbone starts an almost immediate process of deterioration. Therefore, time is an essential factor with implants. Furthermore, studies have indicated that a 25% reduction in bone width occurs within the first year of tooth loss. Dental implants provide many individuals a timely solution that can offer the jawbone the proper stimulation it needs to prevent deterioration. If dental implants are completed early in the process, this decreases the likelihood that bone grafting will need to be done at a later date.

The Cost of Dental Implants

The upfront cost of dental implants is typically more than other alternatives, including bridges and dentures. However, it is essential to note that dental implants often surpass these different methods, sometimes lasting decades more than their alternatives. Therefore, the longevity of dental implants makes the investment worthwhile and makes them the more affordable option in the long term. To receive more information concerning pricing, please visit our dental implants cost page.

Receiving Dental Implants: A Step-by-Step Guide 

  1. Thorough Consultation and Comprehensive Treatment Plan: The first phase of the dental implant process includes a thorough consultation and comprehensive treatment plan. Imaging is obtained in addition to the individual’s medical and dental histories. This will be reviewed, and then treatment options will be explored. Formulating a treatment plan that helps you reach your health goals while sticking to your budget is what we do best.
  2. Tooth Extraction: Next, tooth extraction takes place. Sometimes, we may have the opportunity to place the implant during this process. However, at other times, bone grafting may be necessary before the implant placement can occur.
  3. The Bone Grafting Process: It is not unusual for a person’s jawbone not to have as much mass as it requires to properly accept the dental implant. When this occurs, a bone graft will be needed to help strengthen the area in question. Often, several months of healing may be needed after the bone grafting process before the dental implant may be placed.
  4. Scheduling a Dental Implant Surgery: Next, we will schedule a dental implant surgery. In this procedure, a titanium screw is put into a person’s jawbone. They will receive anesthesia to maximize comfort levels during the surgery, which takes approximately 1-2 hours to complete.
  5. The Process of Osseointegration: Once the implant is inserted, it is covered with soft tissue nearby. We then let it sit for approximately three months so that it may adequately fuse with the bone, which is also known as osseointegration.
  6. Final Restoration of the Tooth: Once the process of osseointegration has taken place, an abutment is put on the implant. This acts as a connector to the final crown to complete the restoration process. Usually, this is completed by a person’s regular dentist.

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