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Monticello, IN Orthodontist

Orthodontics is one of the most fulfilling areas of our dental practice.  Dr. Rick’s orthodontic journey began in 1986.  He began doing orthodontics because it is a way to make a huge change in someone’s self esteem and confidence.  He has never been one to just accept the “status quo.”  Investigating and using new techniques and technologies have always been what we feel would benefit our orthodontic patients the most.

Understanding the cause of poor mouth development and crooked teeth leads us employ solutions that go far beyond just straitening teeth.  Treating poor breathing and improper tongue habits are key to proper facial growth and development and long-term stability of any orthodontic case.  Dr. Rick is very interested in early interceptive treatments in younger children that can minimize or even eliminate the future need for orthodontics by correcting the problems early.

Clear Aligners & Invisalign

Although we use clear aligners in certain cases, we are not very interested in the so called quick fixes, and much more in permanent solutions.  Clear aligners as they are generically called in the dental industry are primarily useful to straighten front teeth that have minor to moderate crowding problems, the “Social six”as they are called.  Many who didn’t wear their retainers after orthodontics can be helped with clear aligners.  The most advertised of the clear aligners is Invisalign.  We are certified to use a few different brands of clear aligners including Invisalign.  
Orthodontics in the 21st century is moving in the direction of being able to influence ones genetic potential.  Full facial development and improved posture are byproducts of properly applied orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.  “Fast food” orthodontics many times cannot make lifelong changes.