If there’s a “perfect teeth” gene, it’s as rare as the gene for writing music like Mozart. Most of us have to put up with a few imperfections among our pearly whites. However, many imperfections can heighten risks for cavities and other dental problems and correcting them really is the ounce of prevention that prevents a pound of future trouble.

Reasons for Getting Braces

Orthodontics (the fancy name for corrective dentistry) remedies many dental problems: Gaps between teeth give bacteria places to grow. Lack of space between teeth makes flossing harder. Mis-aligned teeth (malocclusion) can cause headaches, aching jaws, grinding jaws while asleep, increased risk of biting your tongue or cheek, and more. Bad teeth can be caused by heredity, thumb-sucking, improperly healed injuries, incorrect dental appliances and several other factors.

Of course, there’s also cosmetic factors to consider. Feel self-conscious about your smile? You are not alone and it’s a perfectly legitimate reason for getting your teeth fixed. We all want to look our best, especially if we work in a public arena. A better smile, in addition to the health benefits, can provide real, long-term economic advantages.

How Do Braces Work?

Simply put, traditional braces are wires attached to the teeth so that they put slight pressure on the teeth. This pressure pushes the teeth to a more desirable position, and the jawbones change shape slightly to accommodate them. Once limited to the front of the teeth, braces can now be attached to the backs of teeth to keep them out of sight. Generally, these require 18 to 24 months to work.

New innovations have replaced “railroad tracks” with all-but-invisible appliances which can be removed for eating/brushing. They cover the teeth completely, using their shape to move the teeth. These generally come in sets, each unit worn for two weeks for up to two years.

Orthodontics in Monticello & Lafayette

The Avalon Dental Spa offers a variety of orthodontic treatments: Removable trainers for youth, adult treatment with tooth-colored brackets and wires or Clearcorrect clear aligners. In our tranquil, spa-like office, we’ll service your family’s dental needs in a warm-fuzzy atmosphere with real spa-like amenities that take the fear out of a visit to the DDS. We’ll give you a thorough examination, present all the available options and consult on how best to deal with any oral health problems your family members encounter. Realigning teeth to create the “perfect” smile takes time, but you’ll look back when your done and smile!