everybody wants a stunning “Hollywood smile” and you can make those pearly whites look better and last longer if you do three simple things on a regular basis:

Brush and Floss Often

Yes, it’s a cliché, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Many tooth stains result from food particles between the teeth. Brushing and flossing after every meal isn’t usually convenient but it isn’t impossible. Whitening toothpastes are good, especially if you spit but don’t rinse; it gives the whiteners more time to work. While you’re at it, brush your tongue and, when a good post-meal floss is out, get a toothpick. You may not want to use these in public [good call, by the way] but it is, definitely, something you want to use.

Whitening Foods

Obviously, you should eliminate foods or beverages that stain your teeth. Coffee, tea, certain juices and wines are as bad as tobacco. Equally obvious, we love this stuff and, if you don’t want to give it up, cut down a little. When you can, use a straw to limit the liquid’s access to your teeth.

At the same time, eat teeth whitening foods. Raw broccoli, cauliflower or celery are fiber-rich, they scrub surface stains and chewing longer makes more saliva, which also helps. Apples, bananas, cherries, lychees, nectarines, peaches and strawberries contain malic acids. Malic acid boasts two benefits, it helps convert carbs into energy and it dissolves surface stains. Try mixing these fruits with baking soda for homemade whitening toothpaste that probably tastes better than what you get at the store!

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